Get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day!

Get the Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon announced that Amazon Prime Day is July 11, 2017. Prime Day is an annual event where Amazon sells many of their items for much less than their normal prices (which are also pretty low!) Last's years Amazon Prime Day was their biggest day of shopping! I love a good deal, do you? That's why I … Continue Reading

New book - the heart of a military mom

The Heart of a Military Mom – Book

We are pleased to bring you a new book, "The Heart of a Military Mom." Elaine Brye and I wrote this book to help encourage you as you let go of your child to military service. We understand the stress and worry … [Read More...]

Army moms be the best you can be

Army Moms – Be All You Can Be

Many years ago when I was starting my journey as an Army mom, I harbored much anger towards people not connected to the military. When my son was deployed, many well-intentioned friends or co-workers asked me … [Read More...]

Battles of the Heart Book Review

Battles of the Heart – Book Review

Reading “Battles of the Heart” by Tracie Ciambotti brought back so many memories for me of my own deployment journey. Aimed at Military Moms that are new to the military world, Tracie shares her deepest feelings … [Read More...]