A Soldier’s Mom

So your son’s in the Army? How do you feel about that?

Well sir..,

I gave life to my son in a place of peace and freedom. He committed that life to insure I will grow old in a state of security and Liberty.

A Soldier's Mom

I raised and protected my son from birth to manhood. He raised his hand and vowed to protect us all to the death.

I taught my son that respect, honor, self-sacrifice, and duty where virtues to live by. He taught me that those values along with leadership, loyalty, integrity, and personal courage are what make a warrior.

I promised my son I will always love and support him, and that wherever he goes, I will always be here for him. He promised he’ll go wherever he must to make sure we will all be safe here waiting for him.

God bless you son and all your brothers and sisters at arms. ‘May the Lord watch between you and me while we are apart’ Genesis 31:49.”

by Anita Hoy
Proud Army Mom


  1. Malia Bafford says

    Thank you for sharing, as SF SSG mom, this resonates with me.. To all of our warriors, thank you! To all of the families of our warriors, thank you, as we know, our families are serving alongside… Especially to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, there are no words.. Please know there are many here that are truly grateful…

    SF Momma

  2. lAUREN says

    I am new to this website. I am reading Be Safe Love Mom and wanted to reach out for support. I have a son who graduated from West Point in 2015 and will be going to Ranger School this spring. I also have a daughter who is Army ROTC majoring in Nursing. I would love to find a website to chat with others or email? Im finding I am getting anxious more than usual and would love some support from other moms.
    Thank you
    Lauren Clark

  3. Maryjane Spasiano says

    This says it all…! I am the grandmother of a outstanding grandson who is serving in the Army overseas, in the Middle East.I pray for my grandson’s and his brother and sister’s-in-arms safety every day. God Bless Them All.

  4. Ynita Wheeler says

    This is very encouraging. My son just went to basic training. I neede this at this moment. Thanks alot for this poem.

  5. says

    I’m so glad my son has joined the Army and is going to serve his country. This is the 2 and day my son left for basic. It hurts inside so much but then I am also so proud. I will always stand beside my son on his journey ahead of him. And whereever this journey leads him.

  6. Mary Kay Smith says

    My son just left for Basic Training this week. I’m just beginning my journey as an Army Mom as he begins his journey as a soldier. It’s a very emotional time for all of us and it helps to know there are other families out there for support.

  7. Ann says

    That’s exactly how I feel! My son leaves tomorrow and I’m anxious. But I know he is ready for his task, whatever it is. He chose to be a soldier like his grandfather, aunt, great- uncle and cousin did before him. I am so proud!

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