2011 Deadlines for Holiday Mail Sent to U.S. Troops Overseas

USPS deadlines for troops overseas

It's only November but time to start thinking about holiday packages for troops in overseas locations! The United States Postal Service announced their holiday deadlines for sending packages to overseas troops. If you want packages to reach your soldier in time for the holiday, be sure to adhere to the deadlines. Mail is very slow to overseas locations during the holiday … [Read more...]

Exercise to Reduce Stress

exercise to reduce stress

Stress is a part of life for most people. Each one of us is impacted differently by circumstances and stress can be triggered by financial pressures, family matters, job, or not being able to fit into those jeans. For Army Moms, stress takes on a whole new meaning. When our children are deployed to a war zone, the stress can be overwhelming. When my son was deployed, it was … [Read more...]

Love Packages


Poem by C. G. As I open the door and step inside, I glance up, and see her smile wide. She knows who I am and why I am there, And whose name is on the package I bear. For I’ve been there many times before - To that postal counter at the back of the store. The transaction is simple, just normal routine, As I place the box on her weighing machine. She checks the scale … [Read more...]

Flag Display Case

flag case by Mr. Walls

In September 2010, my son flew 2 American flags on-board his Kiowa Warrior helicopter during a combat mission in Afghanistan. My son sent me the 2 flags later that month. What an honor! I was so proud to have them in my possession. I needed to find a special flag case display to preserve, protect, and proudly display this cherished memory. After searching the Internet for … [Read more...]