Buy a Cup of Coffee for a Deployed Soldier

green beans coffee for soldiers

I love a good cup of coffee in the morning and so do many of our deployed troops! Now, with the help of Green Beans Coffee, you can buy a cup of coffee for a deployed soldier and have it delivered with your personal note! You can also buy a Green Beans coffee card for your deployed soldier and have them pick it up right at their deployment base. Who is Green Beans Coffee? … [Read more...]

Deployed Dad Shares in Holiday Family Fun at Home with Skype


Thanks to modern technology, some deployed soldiers shared in their family's holiday fun using Skype. My son was one of those Afghanistan deployed soldiers that got to enjoy the fun of his kids opening Christmas presents. All it took was 2 computers, 2 webcams, an Internet connection, and Skype. My son and his wife planned a day and time for the kids to open their Christmas … [Read more...]

Operation Uplink Free Call Days for Deployed Soldiers

operation uplink

Every month of the year, troops can call home for FREE via the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) "Free Call Days". At least one designated day each month, deployed service members making calls to the U.S. from their local Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) center are greeted by a recording which states their call will be free courtesy of VFW Operation Uplinkā„¢. The program … [Read more...]

Deployed Soldiers Use Skype to Phone Home


Technology is making it better then ever for deployed soldiers to stay in touch with their loved ones at home. If your deployed son or daughter has access to Internet services and a computer, then Skype is a great low-cost solution for staying connected. My son was recently deployed to Afghanistan and he has connected with family members several times using Skype. On Sunday … [Read more...]

Send FREE HOOAH Mail to Your Deployed Son or Daughter

Hooah Mail

Beginning 1 December 2009 the Army will launch "HooahMail" as a pilot program for fast, easy, secure, letter-style correspondence to OEF deployed Soldiers. HOOAHMail is a FREE service for family and friends of deployed Army Personnel in Afghanistan to send a letter that is delivered within 24 hours. Here is how it works: Letters and photos are submitted via the Internet, and … [Read more...]