Fake Facebook Pages Are Misleading You

Imposter Facebook pages can hurt you

Facebook Pages that pretend to be the real Facebook Pages are scammers out to take advantage of you. According to Facebook, up to 11 percent of user accounts are fake, including fan or business Pages. Typically, these Facebook Pages pretend to be a popular, authentic Page and use the same name. This common method fools YOU into believing the Page posts are coming … [Read more...]

Army Moms – Be All You Can Be

Army moms be the best you can be

Many years ago when I was starting my journey as an Army mom, I harbored much anger towards people not connected to the military. When my son was deployed, many well-intentioned friends or co-workers asked me questions or made comments that hurt me. I know they didn't mean to hurt me, but I took it all so personally. Anger welled up inside me with comments like, "He'll … [Read more...]

Cell Phones in South Korea for Military Service Members

Mobile phones in south korea for US service members

Is your son or daughter deploying to South Korea? In this post I share some tips about cell phones in South Korea. Your son or daughter’s phone may not work in South Korea. And even if it does, they will be charged crazy roaming fees for phone calls, data and text. Instead, put put their U.S. phone on temporary Military hold. Contact the cell phone provider to find out what … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Army Moms


When your child starts their Army career, life changes, doesn’t it? As Army Moms, we suddenly experience more stress, emotional ups and downs and heartache than ever before! What’s an Army Mom to do? Start using essential oils! I was introduced to essential oils and am so grateful to the person who took the time to help me learn about them. Before I get into why … [Read more...]

Flag Display Case

flag case by Mr. Walls

In September 2010, my son flew 2 American flags on-board his Kiowa Warrior helicopter during a combat mission in Afghanistan. My son sent me the 2 flags later that month. What an honor! I was so proud to have them in my possession. I needed to find a special flag case display to preserve, protect, and proudly display this cherished memory. After searching the Internet for … [Read more...]