A Soldier’s Mom

A Soldier's Mom

"So your son's in the Army? How do you feel about that?" Well sir.., I gave life to my son in a place of peace and freedom. He committed that life to insure I will grow old in a state of security and Liberty. I raised and protected my son from birth to manhood. He raised his hand and vowed to protect us all to the death. I taught my son that respect, honor, … [Read more...]

Wistful Goodbyes


Poem by C. G. The time has come for them to go- It just all seems a haze as they bid goodbye. Where those last days went, I do not know; And my thoughts wander as I heave a sigh- Did I give enough hugs, did I give enough kisses, To last until we once again meet? Did I make enough memories, forget any wishes? Tickle enough tummies, chins and feet? Did we read … [Read more...]

A Christmas From Afar

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Poem by C. G. Two little pairs of bright eyes are anxious to see What goodies are waiting for them under the tree. Festive stockings are hanging full to the brim, Yet the family stands still – waiting for him. Eagerly their eyes turn to lock on the screen – Looking for that face they’ve not recently seen. Without too much delay, they soon get the call. As his image … [Read more...]

Love Packages


Poem by C. G. As I open the door and step inside, I glance up, and see her smile wide. She knows who I am and why I am there, And whose name is on the package I bear. For I’ve been there many times before - To that postal counter at the back of the store. The transaction is simple, just normal routine, As I place the box on her weighing machine. She checks the scale … [Read more...]

I Am A Soldier’s Mother

army mom strong

Thank you Cynthia G.  for writing this heartfelt poem. I am a soldier’s mother; I sometimes march alone And yet I stand with many, trying to be strong. You may not recognize me as you pass me on the street; I may look like any other that you by chance might meet. Like any mother, in a lot of ways I still remain, But watching my son become a soldier brought a forever … [Read more...]