Comrades in Hearts – Poem

comrades in hearts

Thank you C. G.  for this lovely poem. They’re full of pride and love, though their words are often few. Their thoughts may only be spoken through the actions that they do. They go about their daily tasks but are constantly aware; And at the sight of their worried mother, a silent hug they’ll share. They, too, bear the cost of freedom and feel the pain as well The … [Read more...]

The Text Message – Poem

Texting with deployed soldier son

Cynthia G.  wrote this heartfelt poem that really hit home with me. Enjoy and thank you Cyn! In a pushed-back chair in a crowded room, Unaware of her surroundings, many assume Sits a middle-aged mother, phone in hand Quietly texting as fast as she can. She had waited all week without a word; Had cried many times til her vision was blurred. Then the message "Just want … [Read more...]

Green Apple of My Eye – Poem

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day my bravest The green apple of my eye, my best Around the world great happiness tours And leprechauns have their mischief chores Keep a keen eye for that Billy Mc Goat Sneaking off food, all he can tote And look out for Old Patio Stool Though he'd avoid you, you're way too cool If a leprechaun zoomed pasteurize He'd not fluster you my … [Read more...]

My Brave Valentine

army heart

Love makes such a part of what you are More precious are you than that Renoir You're the Valentine beyond each dream The glow of your heart's a true sunbeam Your loving care reaches from afar When I awake you're my morning star These words that I use so want to say What you mean to me each night, each day As you serve our country with heartfelt pride I pray … [Read more...]