Christmas in November


A small Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room with its multicolored lights, decorative ornaments, and small children who delight at the sparkle and joy! With the smell of cinnamon and other holiday cheer, you can't mistake what this family is celebrating: Christmas. But it's only November. Under the holiday cheer is a deep sadness and concern. You see my son is … [Read more...]

Countdown to Deployment Day

kiowa warrior helicopter

Today is 5 days to my son's deployment day. My emotions run wild as I prepare for entry into the unfamiliar world of Mom of a deployed soldier. I don't know what to expect and maybe I think too much about it. I trust that my son is a well-trained helicopter pilot who is confident in his mission. But stuff happens doesn't it? Sending him off to the one of the most dangerous … [Read more...]

We’re All in This Together

We are all in this together

My heart is heavy as I read messages from Mom's of deployed soldiers, and I offer support, thoughts, and prayers. I get weepy eyed knowing that in just a few short weeks, that will be me on the other end. I will be the Mom of a deployed soldier, wondering every minute of every day if my boy is safe from the violence that is rampant in a place so far away. These thoughts … [Read more...]

How to Communicate with Your Deployed Son or Daughter

how to communicate with deployed soldier

Communicating with your Military deployed son or daughter will help you stay sane during your child's deployment and help you to support your soldier! There are many ways to stay in touch with your deployed son or daughter. Much depends on their deployment location and what is available to them. If possible, attempt to get information from your child before they deploy so … [Read more...]

Army Predeployment

support our troops

So much is going on before your soldier's deployment, including the stress of knowing that your son or daughter will be leaving soon. During predeployment, you try your best to prepare for what may be the most stressful time of your life. This can be a frightening time for a Mom of a soldier about to be deployed. You don't know what to expect except that your child is going … [Read more...]