Veterans Day 2009 – Freedom isn’t Free

veterans day 2009

Nations honored those who sacrificed their lives in wars on Wednesday, in many cases for the first time without any surviving veterans of World War I. Services took place around the world to mark the 91st anniversary of the armistice signed between Germany and the Allies on November 11, 1918. Depending on where it is celebrated, the day is alternatively known as Armistice … [Read more...]

Soldiers Song by MJ Nelson


A tribute to your soldiers all over the world. MJ and his band made this video as a tribute and fundraiser to support our Military veterans and their families. You can show your support by helping us get the word out. MJ Nelson's "Soldier Song" is available for download. Purchase the song today and support our vets and their families. All proceeds go to support Military … [Read more...]

Gene Simmons Military Tribute


I love Military Tribute videos! They really touch my heart and show that people really do care about our Military troops! Here is a fun Military Tribute video from Gene Simmons' of KISS fame, taken from his A&E show. Gene gets the audience involved and the songs are traditional and wonderful. Enjoy! … [Read more...]