A Soldier’s Mom

A Soldier's Mom

"So your son's in the Army? How do you feel about that?" Well sir.., I gave life to my son in a place of peace and freedom. He committed that life to insure I will grow old in a state of security and Liberty. I raised and protected my son from birth to manhood. He raised his hand and vowed to protect us all to the death. I taught my son that respect, honor, … [Read more...]

Deployment Day

deployment day

SURREAL - marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream. That sums up deployment day. We rose early to get to the Army airfield. We loaded the car with the carefully packed Army issued bags, got the kids fed and dressed, and piled in the car for the short - but long drive to the Army airfield. I promised myself I would "smile" and work hard to hold back the tears if … [Read more...]