cake in a jarThanks to all of you, here are some great ideas for sending cakes and cookies to your deployed sons and daughters for those special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

You can send cakes and cookies through an online company or do it yourself! Following is a list of great suggestions from who else but the fabulous Army Moms (and others) who LOVE to make their deployed children feel special! Thank you everyone who contributed to this list!

Do It Yourself  Goodies

  • Some assembly required birthday cakes! Well I mailed 6 cakes to my son in late september last year while he was in Iraq. i baked them in the aluminum pans that have lids. after baking a cooling i wrapped the pan in saran wrap, put the lid on and taped it. i then included tubs of icing, sprinkles and candles along with birthday plates and napkins. i called it my “some assembly required birthday cakes”. they all arrived intact and he said they ate them!
  • I bought a pound cake at the grocery – found it in the deli area in a foil pan. Included a can of frosting and other birthday accessories. Included a can of frosting and other birthday accessories. It arrived in Afghanistan during hot weather in good shape.
  • Old tins are good to ship baked goods in. Some of our boxes took one to three weeks to arrive.
  • Buy some tootsie rolls and make him a tootsie roll cake. Wrap the cake in saran wrap and place candles around the cake. Not only will the cake get there in one piece, but your son will be able to share the tootsie rolls with others and light the candles.
  • I always make them a cake out of twinkies and put plates, balloons, napkins and confettii in the center. I tape the twinkies end to end in a round shape put birthday ribbon on the out side I put the choclate cupcakes on the top and fill in the whole. That way it is fresh and is a nice treat for all the guys in the unit.

Cake in a Jar Recipe (thank you Julia!)

1 cake mix – whatever kind (I like to buy the different holiday ones that Pillsbury does)
4 wide-mouthed Mason Jars (Wal-Mart seems to have the cheapest price for 12)
Pam spray

Mix the cake mix and pre heat oven as directed. Spray the 4 jars with the Pam spray and set on a cookie sheet. You want to fill the jars only 1/3 full of cake batter. Bake for directed time, I have a cake tester I use to make sure they are done. As soon as you take them out of the oven, carefully screw the tops on. If the cake has risen above the top, carefully slice off excess so cake is even with the top. As the cakes cool, you will hear the tops pop as they seal themselves.

The cakes are said to last in the jars as is for 6 months and can be frozen for 12 months.You can send icing with it!

You can also make breads like Banana Nut or Zucchini in the jars doing the same thing.

Buy Cake and Cookies  Online

Have some ideas or recommendations? Leave a comment. Thank you!

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