Tips for Care Packages in Hot Weather

care packages in hot weatherIt’s that time of year again! Temperatures are starting to warm up in Afghanistan where weather ranges from the cold winters months of 17 degrees F. to the summer heat of 113–130 + degrees F.

Almost no rain falls from June to October. The lower parts of the country have a semi-arid or desert climate. Summers are sunny and hot, except in the higher mountains. Sunshine amounts range from six to seven hours a day in winter to as much as twelve to thirteen in summer.

These same tips apply for Iraq where summer temperatures exceed 120 degrees F.

With that in mind, pack your care packages accordingly when the weather is super hot. Here are a few tips for packing care packages for the unbearably hot weather!


  • Anything that will keep our soldiers cooler
  • Battery operated fan
  • Under Amour socks (or something similar) – Accelerated moisture release (mesh vents) help to filter moisture to outside of sock to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Other Under Amour garments -a spandex-like brand of synthetic underwear, socks and T-shirts designed to keep wearers cool
  • Shorts and tank tops to wear while sleeping
  • Baby powder – belts and hot weather can causes rashes at the waistline
  • Dr. Scholls foot powder
  • Sun block
  • Blister pack gum – gum can stick to the foil wrappers in hot weather
  • Hand cream for dry skin
  • Cool tie neck bands – helpful if your soldier has a cold place like a fridge or ice chest to store it prior to wearing
  • Water balloons to use for fun and as a stress reliever.
  • Tootsie rolls don’t melt


  • Items  MUST hold up in 120 degree + temperatures!
  • NO chocolate – including chocolate covered items
  • NO Flea Collars! Some soldiers were using them (on their boots) to ward off sand fleas and ticks and getting sick from the pesticides mixed in with the hot sticky weather.
  • Stick deodorant or lip balm MAY melt before reaching their destination (send a bunch in the cool weather)
  • Bar soap and other toiletries with scent in same box – when possible, send these items in a separate box. If not, be sure to place these in double zip-locked bags or the food in the box will taste like deodorant or soap.

Note – Request your FREE USPS Military Care package kit (shipping supplies) by calling 1-800-610-8734.

If you have more tips, please comment!


  1. Elizabeth says

    I have to say regarding the ‘neck coolers’, my older son who has deployed twice now, said the neck coolers are a nice thought, but they are more hassel then they are worth. They don’t stay cool for very long. Nice idea though.

  2. Imelda Acuna says

    We send my soilder some camping shower bags and they are good for many things…for washing up,colony off,even for washing their persnal utensils,and many other things,it helped him alot

  3. Thomas Czajka says

    The best baby powder to send is baby powder with cornstarch in it. It’s less likely to clump up.

  4. says

    We just had some soldiers, fresh from the sandbox, speak at our BSM meeting. They LOVE the neck coolers. Not everyone needs the same items but they do share! One base won’t need socks, another will. You can’t take what ONE troop says about an item and assume that is true for all bases or all troops! Send something! Getting a package is the most important thing; what’s in it is secondary!

  5. Leslie says

    I read recently that the Under Armour garments have been banned in favor of cotton. Something about their flammability and reaction with wounds. I don’t know that officially, but that stuff is expensive, so might be best to check before going out and spending a lot.

  6. says

    My brother is in Afghanistan and he loves cake, so here’s a way to send them cake without the mess or spoiling. You bake it right in a jar and send the frosting along. Also, with the battery operated fan, I send the one that mists water out. It helps alot. There’s these headbands that u soak in water, and they have those water beads in them so they stay wet while they wear them. They last longer than regular ones.

  7. says

    Best thing to send, letters from home. I also ask him what he wants or needs. No sense sending things he will have to tote around or figure out what to do with.

  8. Sue says

    Especially during these hot months, I line my box with a plastic garbage bag to try to keep the powdery fine sand (or rare rain) from invading as it sits out on the tarmac, waiting for a ride. I also switch to powdered cocoa in my cookie dough so they don’t have to give up that morale-boosting chocolate fix.

  9. Sara says

    When my daughter was deployed they had access to a refrigerator/freezer. I sent popsicles that are in the plastic tubes. They all loved them.

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