14 Americans Killed in Afghan Chopper Crashes

half mast flagJust one day after 4 troops lost their lives in an Afghanistan helicopter crash, I was shocked to learn that we lost 10 more Americans in yet another helicopter crash. My heart was sobbing when I read the news and I cried all the way to work today, this loss was heavy on my mind and heart.

At my workplace, not one person mentioned this tragedy. Not one person even acknowledged what had happened. I called my son and told him how disappointed I was in people – where is the patriotism that our great country used to hold with pride? I don’t know where it went. I know that it is here in my heart, my family, and everyone that is connected to the Military in some way.

Source: FoxNews.com

KABUL — Helicopter crashes killed 14 Americans on Monday in the deadliest day for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in more than four years. The deaths came as President Barack Obama prepared to meet his national security team for a sixth full-scale conference on the future of the troubled war.

In the deadliest crash, a helicopter went down in the west of the country after leaving the scene of a firefight, killing 10 Americans — seven service members and three Drug Enforcement Administration agents. Eleven American service members, one U.S. civilian and 14 Afghans were also injured.

It was the heaviest single-day loss of life since June 28, 2005, when 16 U.S. troops on a special forces helicopter died when their MH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down by insurgents.

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Here at Army Mom Strong, we grieve the loss of all US Service members and our thoughts and prayers go out to every family that was touched by this terrible tragedy.


  1. Pamela says

    This day, as all of the days the WORLD should be informed!! The white house will brightly shine lights for other causes, yet what about our sons and daughters….EVERY TIME we have to endure yet another fallen hero, the world should see red, white and blue from our nation’s capital!!! We should be increasing meals, instead of cutting back to 2 meals a day for our boots on the ground!!! If our government has grown weary of fighting for our sons and daughters, then BRING THEM HOME!!!!!

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