Army Mom Starts Military Moms of Texas

tracy2When Tracy’s son was deployed to Iraq with his U.S. Army unit, she went through a difficult time. Tracy looked for a local support group but found very little. She took matters into her own hands and Military Moms of Texas was born!

Tracy started the Military Moms of  Texas group for military families, friends, and locals to connect, volunteer, and support our troops and their families from right in Texas.

Military Moms of Texas also helps to welcome home or send off our troops, assist the wounded warriors, assist in deployment, and tend to the needs of our soldiers.

With the holidays approaching, Tracy wanted to make sure that deployed troops got many things they need. She also wanted to help make this time a little easier for the loved ones left behind. Military Moms of Texas sent out packages for the troops with presents and even sent Christmas trees. Her organization has adopted 20 soldiers to support, encourage, and continue to send things they need.

Help Tracy get the word out about Military Moms of Texas. Click here to visit their Facebook page and join in this rewarding experience. There you will also find  information about upcoming events including support groups and other activities. Join local families and their troops that share the toughest and proudest bond of all.

Stay tuned for information about the Military Moms of Texas Web site, launching early next year as a donation to the group.

Military Moms of Texas Facebook page

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