Military Mom Helps Soldiers in Combat Sleep Better

pillows for patriotsBarbara Farrior’s been busy spreading comfort to the troops by providing a comfy place to lay their head! She started Pillows for Patriots to help provide a better night’s sleep for deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The idea for these travel size pillows was born when Barbara Farrior’s son was ready to deploy to Iraq. She realized the Army did not issue pillows to soldiers. Instead, the troops usually use rolled up clothing or backpacks as pillows. What originally began as a personal project to provide pillows for her son and his unit, expanded into providing pillows for many more troops getting ready to or already deployed.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, all the troops have is what they can carry in their backpacks which gives them little no space for comfort items.

Barbara enlisted the help of John and Patrick Harris of Harris Pillow Supply in Beaufort, SC. They generously donated quality, durable pillows to the initial project, and agreed to manufacture future pillows at their cost.

The pillows are 12” X 16”, have blue ticking for covers, can be folded or rolled for packing, and are washable with a soft polyester stuffing. They are very nice–packable, cozy and washable.

Pillows for Patriots can distribute pillows to our combat troops already in Afghanistan and Iraq, or to units just being deployed. The most cost-effective method is to ship them to the military bases in the US, JUST PRIOR TO DEPLOYMENT. Pillows are shipped in units of 25 per box.

Thousands of pillows have been sent to troops either already in combat zones or on their way to combat zones due to the generous support of enthusiastic and generous fellow Americans.

If you have family members or friends who are deployed overseas, you can let Pillows for Patriots know the names and addresses, and according to the donations they receive, they will send a pillow to each of them.

If you would like to donate money or help as a volunteer, please visit Pillows for Patriots for more information.


  1. Mariana Macemon says

    This is such a GREAT idea..thank u for doing this. God Bless u and Bless this project.=]

    Mariana Macemon

    BlueStar Mom

  2. Debbie says

    Wow thank you for doing this. When my son was deployed to Iraq he wrote me asking if I could send him 7 pillows and sheets for himself and some troops that were with him. I first couldn’t believe these items were not issed to our troops. I attempted to get donations from a few stores, but was unsuccessful. When I told a doctor where I previously was employed, he became upset and donated the funds for me to purchase the itmes. You just confirmed what my son mentioned to me 2 years ago. My son is currently deployed in Afghanistan and hopefully will be coming home soon. Thanks to you and your suppliers from one Army Mom!

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