President Obama Speaks to Troops in Afghanistan

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan, President Obama speaks to the troops at Bagram Air Base.


  1. Patty Abrego, RN says

    My son though so recently deployed, this June 10, 2011 has yet to send us his official address and all of what you do on your sites help so incredibly much to make the transition into Army Strong, the process that all started with his boot camp, followed him through 9/11, and after a Great UT Longhorn Graduation around the world on He has seen much of the culture and people of
    the active theatre area and was alone cycling prior to OCS. I thought that had to be really something
    going around the world on a bicycle, but the heart of a Soldier’s Mom Beats much stronger every day.

    I am praying for all our brave Men and Women to make it home to those they love. And from Military City USA, San Antonio, Texas, go on up to that soldier or Vet and thank them for their service…..

    One day it just dawned on me……
    Now I thank them for protecting me, even when I did not know I needed to be protected…..

    Thank you all,
    Patty RN

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