Take a Tour of FOB Fenty in Jalalabad Afghanistan

Take a tour of FOB Fenty in Jalalabad Afghanistan, with Sgt Masterson. Go by Volley Ball Courts, Laundry, Lodging, Latrines, Green Beans Coffee and more. Will give you an idea of how our Soldiers live at an FOB while deployed.

This video has been removed however the source of the video is on Youtube and was not produced by me. If you have issues with the previous content of this page, please go to the source that created and continues to post the video on youtube (talkingwithheroes.com)


  1. USMCMOM99 says

    I love these videos… my son is there now and when I found these as a mother I cried with relief. I can not thank Bob enough for easing my mind to know what it looks like where my son is living … even though they still face much danger. I also found the one of the px there and watched very closely so I knew more of what he had access to and would need.

  2. Rosanne says


    Thank you so much for the tour of FOB Fenty. Our son is there now and it was a great experience and relief to see where he was serving. In his first communication to us after he arrived there he mentioned working out in a tent. When we saw the workout tent we felt a true connection to him….thank you

  3. Mary Constant says

    Yes thank you for the tour. Husband is a civilian contractor and is very scary as they can’t be armed.

  4. Lieutenant says

    I understand everyone wanting to know where their loved ones are serving while deployed, but please take into account that the enemy (who your loved ones are fighting over there right now) has access to this information. This video was posted before a lot of the attacks started happening at that base in NOV 2010. Please consider taking this video down. While I cannot get into specifics, the enemy can use this video against US in any number of ways. There are plenty of people who still have to work there day and in and day out until the President call us home. This website is open source and available to anyone “google’ing” the right words. We all want to know what is going on, but there are ways to do that without compromising our soldiers/civilians safety. Please take it down.

  5. susan aiken says

    thank you for sharing some of fob fenty. it makes me feel better to have a look at where my son is. can’t tell you how much i admire the courage and positive attitiude that the men and women who do this have. they are awesome.

  6. Franci Makinson says

    This is very comforting to be able to see where my son is living. As this is his first tour and is very scary for “his mother” He is scheduled to come home mid-tour in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to squeeze him!
    Heavy hearts today as we learn of the helicopter downing and the loss of our young men and womens lives.
    Thank you and all service members for your Extraordinary Sacrifices you all make everyday! You’re in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    God Bless You and Keep you Safe
    An Army EOD Mom

  7. Army says

    Thank you for you comment and I appreciate your concern. This video was made by a journalist person and is posted on YouTube. I embedded the video here and have nothing to do with the creation of it. The video does not violate OPSEC in any way and the journalist is well aware of OPSEC and works with the Military to go onto bases and do this work.
    Thank you.

  8. Army Dad says

    Referencing the “Lieutenant” and “Army” – Like most parents/family I am more than curious about how/what my Son was doing while deployed, but not to the point of him, or others, being put at risk. When I ask and he says “Dad”, I just drop it. I don’t care that a “journalist” did the film, what I care about is that it had NO business on You-Tube or any other media spot. Whether or not it violates any OPSEC requirements or not, and whether or not it was “approved”, it does provide information. While deployed my Son would not tell us where or what he was up to, and reluctent to discuss much of it after his return. ANYTHING that can impact operational safety should not be discussed before, during or after the event – short of an event that was inappropriate, such as the AbuGraib or MyLai incidents. I think that the so called “journalists” too often “report” material that is best left unsaid. It can give away potential activities, capabilities, manpower or equipment resources. That said, I am proud that my Son has kept his own counsel, and is not “giving anything away” that could jeopardize his fellow troops.
    Army Dad

  9. Dadeo says

    My son is there now and it’s nice to be able to see his living conditions. Thanks Bob for your time and effort to put this video together. God bless you and God bless our troops.

  10. Matt says

    I understand wanting to know your daughters and sons will be ok on there fob but at what price! Because of these videos, the enemy now knows what buildings to strike with mortars to achieve the most amount of U.S. casualties!!!
    Is your piece of mind worth putting your children’s lives in danger?

    From a soldier serving there now, I can tell you that this video is doing more harm then good.

  11. Matt says


    So you mean to tell me posting up a online video layout of a base is ok with the military? How does OPSEC not play a factor in all of this? Hell why not post up what units are there and how many personal are there too.

  12. Anthony says

    Just a heads up, if this video contained any critical info the military would have taken it down by now. All of the armed services are pretty good about checking OPSEC issues. I’m sure any Sergeant wouldn’t publish this without it first being cleared.

  13. Army says

    I removed the video from my website which gets just a few visitors a day. You need to go to the source of the video on Youtube. All of Talkingwithheroes.com videos get hundreds of thousands of viewers so please go to the source. While I appreciate your concern, it’s not like I created this video. There are probably hundreds of websites that have also embedded this video from youtube.

  14. Larry Sturgill says

    I just spent two years i Iraq at a FOB. Believe me, the locals know every square inch of every base there. We captured videos taken by those who would do us harm. Check the State Department webpage, they have pictures and descriptions of many of our bases. It’s not an OPSEC violation. It’s just a realization that something a large as a base that houses deployed troops can’t be hidden.

  15. ArmyWife says

    My husband is on his 4th deployment with the US Army, this time at JAF/FOB Fenty. Does anyone have any specific websites, pictures, etc where I could find out an idea of what it is like where he is? Every source I have found so far (this website, talkingwithheroes.com, state department website.. and on and on..) is either outdated and removed or has extremely limited information. I would greatly appreciate the help.

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