Christmas in November

IMG_4750A small Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room with its multicolored lights, decorative ornaments, and small children who delight at the sparkle and joy! With the smell of cinnamon and other holiday cheer, you can’t mistake what this family is celebrating: Christmas.

But it’s only November. Under the holiday cheer is a deep sadness and concern. You see my son is leaving tomorrow for his first deployment to Afghanistan. His lovely and dedicated wife rolled all the holidays into a short few days so he wouldn’t miss the little smiles of the children who are too young to wonder why Santa Claus came so early.

The Thanksgiving dinner came a little early too, with all the trimmings! We are not alone. Many of the men and women in my son’s Army unit — as well as across the country — have Christmas trees and other holiday cheer in their own home as they prepare to leave their own families for a year-long tour in Afghanistan.

If you see Christmas cheer a little too early this year at your neighbors home, they may be sending a son or daughter, husband or wife, or friend off to the most dangerous place in the world. Keep them in your prayers.


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    God Bless your son! Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks early because he had to leave for Iraq that day. I think military families always ended up celebrating on different days.

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