Deployment – Week 4

kiowa rocketIt’s been four weeks since my son was deployed to Afghanistan. We are fortunate to chat with him frequently at random times of the day and night with Skype. His Internet connection is poor but better than none at all.

He was excited to receive the Christmas tree I sent via Operation Christmas Tree, a nice way to bring a little bit of “home” to Afghanistan.

He received just one of my 4 packages, the others are MIA for now. It’s not the money that bothers me but I wanted my son to have a few things to make life a little more comfortable in his B-Hut.

I stay busy as much as possible, with busy thoughts racing through my mind like thousands of trains. When they stop, a sadness engulfs my soul and I take a moment to embrace it. Then I pick myself up and find strength in the fact that this career is my son’s choice. He is being true to himself and following his passion in life. He is doing exactly what he always wanted to do – helicopter pilot!  How many people can say that? Not many that I know!

It’s not gotten any easier for me but I have learned a few things (not in any particular order).

  • There is an amazing, inspiring, and supportive community of Military families that I have come to know. I thank you and salute you all.
  • Life for those of us here at home must go on.
  • My son is a well-trained and confident man.
  • Taking care of myself by eating right and exercising contributes to staying physically and mentally healthy.
  • Accept the fact that my son is trained to shoot big guns.
  • Helping others is the best medicine.
  • Strength takes work.
  • Staying strong and confident for my son helps him more then any package I can send.
  • Being an Army Mom is a tough job and I am honored to take it on.

My friend Juanita shared this prayer with me. Her husband serves side-by-side with my son in Afghanistan – both are pilots. We were all together at the Army Airfield to say goodbye on the day they left for Afghanistan.

“Lord, as he makes his way through his days and through his nights, please let his guardian angel protect his flight.”

I’ve taken to saying this heartfelt prayer daily as my son takes flight daily and sometimes into the night in Afghanistan.


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