Exercise to Reduce Stress

exercise to reduce stressStress is a part of life for most people. Each one of us is impacted differently by circumstances and stress can be triggered by financial pressures, family matters, job, or not being able to fit into those jeans.

For Army Moms, stress takes on a whole new meaning. When our children are deployed to a war zone, the stress can be overwhelming. When my son was deployed, it was one of the most stressful times of my life.

Can you relate to this? One important action to take to battle stress is to exercise. Managing your stress is essential as there is a lot of evidence pointing to the harmful effect stress has on health. Consequences of too much stress can include weakened immune system, raised blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and heart issues.

Here are 3 benefits you will enjoy when you begin exercising regularly:

  • An endorphin high.
  • Better sleep.
  • Relaxation of muscle tenseness.

The endorphin release promotes emotional wellness. The benefits of exercise include enhanced blood flow to your brain, weight loss, and feeling better.

Will your worry and concern for your deployed soldier go away? No, but exercise will help you to relax and sleep better.

As well, during your exercise your mind will shut off the immediate problems and focus on the workout instead. This reduces anxiety and allows you to relax mentally.

You can begin an exercise regimen in a number of ways. Whatever method you go with, it is essential that you add fitness to your daily lifestyle such that it becomes a habit.

The following is a list of methods to build exercise into your life:

  • Talk a walk. It’s free and the time you take to walk will reap many benefits!
  • Give yoga a try. When you exercise your muscles, you can alleviate muscle tension that results from stress.
  • Begin an exercise program right inside your own home. You can exercise anytime of the day inside your own house with home fitness programs that you can do at any fitness level.
  • Take a long hike with a friend or two.
  • Invite a friend to go dancing with you. While having such a great time you may forget that you are getting exercise.

When you begin putting exercise into your everyday activities, you may  look forward to it because you will feel terrific and little less stressed!


  1. tina says

    I am wantng some advice. When someone is talking to you about your child being deployed or just being in the military how should I respond when they say ” We remember they volunteered”. That just infuriates me. Like The danger there is in less real, or the sacrafice is less because they volunenteered. Any suggestions?

  2. Colleen Germond says

    My son is in the army and will deployed soon….. I see how a person’s comments about the voluntereed part of their commitment can be annoying…. BUT I know that my son’s response would be that he is proud to be a soldier……. Looking back, even as a small child he had leadership qualities, his own special way of doing many things….. So yes, he “Volunteered” to be a better man, a line of defense to protect the freedoms of being a American……. He wasn’t forced…. He made a “choice”……. I will not let anothers words that perhaps were not so eloquantly phrased take away from one moment of my proud joy!

  3. says

    My youngest son is in the Army and is being deployed soon as well. I can honestly say that I never realized the sacrifices that Soldiers and their families made until it happened to me and my family. It is a roller coaster ride of pride, joy, fear, strength, worry, doubt, sadness and then swing back around and the cycle starts over. The fact that our children volunteered should not be an issue with anyone. Isn’t that the most honorable thing? They made a choice based on their beliefs and sense of duty. This is a choice that very few in our population make and to volunteer for other special opportunities in the service is amazing as well. Realize that nobody can feel exactly what we each feel, but we as Army/Military Moms have a much better understanding of what it’s like to go through this. Chalk those types of comments up to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Be proud of your Soldier as others with more sense will be and don’t let that kind of comment cause you more stress than you are already feeling. Be well Moms.

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