Flag Display Case

flag case by Mr. WallsIn September 2010, my son flew 2 American flags on-board his Kiowa Warrior helicopter during a combat mission in Afghanistan. My son sent me the 2 flags later that month. What an honor! I was so proud to have them in my possession. I needed to find a special flag case display to preserve, protect, and proudly display this cherished memory.

After searching the Internet for hours, I was disappointed in the flag cases I found. Not sure what I was looking for but when I found it, I would know it was the right flag case.

Thankfully I found Flag Cases by Walls. Mr. Russell K. Walls, the owner, is also a veteran. Each item is hand made after the order is placed, with each piece of wood hand selected. No mass produced merchandise here!

I ordered one flag case for my Dad and later, one for myself. Even though the delivery time was at least 4 weeks, I was confident that the flag case would be worth the wait.

NOTE: Mr. Walls is no longer in business. 

And it was! There are many options for these flag cases. I chose the flag/certificate/photo case. You can choose from many different woods and stains.

The craftsmanship of these flag cases is just beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! We have received so many wonderful complements from people on these flag cases.

Mr. Walls is a true craftsman who takes great pride in his work.

Flag Cases by Walls
Flag case in the workshop.


  1. C Smart says

    This is a rip-off. Read BBB report. Walls cashes your check and does not deliver. Does not return calls, does not return emails.

  2. Army says

    I am sorry to hear this. I ordered and received 2 beautiful display cases from Walls. Perhaps something has happened to him?

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