Internet Access for Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq

Internet cafe inside Bagram Air BaseI receive many questions about Internet access for deployed soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq and hope this information will be a help.

Keep in mind your soldiers should always find out before deployment what is available at the deployment location.

Internet access in Afghanistan and Iraq is delivered via satellite broadband. The Internet signal is received through a special satellite VSAT modem which is usually set up in a building or tent.

Internet access for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq is usually available via the following methods.

  • Internet cafes - Available at some bases. Soldiers can expect to pay $5 to $10 per hour for use and spend time waiting their turn.
  • MWR (moral welfare and recreation) - Most deployment locations have an MWR. There are usually a few computers for free Internet access and sometime wireless is available. Troops are allowed 20 – 30 minutes pers session and there is usually a wait. If they bring your own computer and use the wireless, they may experience the slowest Internet ever because so many people are trying to share the bandwidth.
  • Personal Internet access – Soldiers can have Internet access in their living quarters. It is very expensive. The Internet access and expense is shared with other soldiers. I know of one example in Afghanistan where many soldiers share the Internet bandwidth and expense of $60 per month per person. Another situation in Iraq, each person pays $100 per month. It just depends on how many people are sharing and what the cost is per month.
    With personal Internet access, each soldier has their own laptop computer and all access is wireless.The soldiers are typically responsible for getting the equipment up and running.

If your son or daughter is getting ready for deployment, they should find out ahead of time what will be available at their deployment location. Soldiers in remote outposts do not have access to Internet.

Internet access is a morale booster for deployed soldiers! We are fortunate to have Internet access available at all. In previous wars, letter writing was the only form of communication and letters were received every few weeks. I am thankful for Internet for deployed soldiers! HOOAH!


  1. patricia says

    i feel like our soldiers should have free internet everywhere obama wants them over there let him pay for everyones internet or let him take his butt over there

  2. shyne says

    I think Obama needs to make a way for that one access for soldiers….i mean damn they are over there for him!!

  3. Michelle says

    It is truely a disgrace. Welfare receipents (the people in america who do not work) get $70.00 dollars a month for cell phone service from our hard earned tax dollars. BUT, our soldiers who protect us and make peanuts doing it pay $70.00 a month for communication.
    HOW WRONG IS THAT!!!!!!!!!
    Come on somthing is really wrong here.

  4. Sky Ragazza says

    I too think that the internet should be payed off by someone else and not the soldiers.
    Those prices are pretty expensive and these soldiers are over there for the nation. The last thing they should worry about is having $10 in hand in order to reserve a spot at a cafe or shelling out $100 of their own pay.

    But still, the Internet is such a gift. Communication with our loved soldiers is key!

  5. George says

    Write or call your congressman or senator and push for free internet access for all soldiers when available…

  6. Leon says

    Well the prices on this article are so wrong. I am in Iraq, the prices range from $70-250 a month!! Don’t ever bother getting the $70 dollar a month because you will never be able to talk to your loved ones back home through skype or any other web-chat service. Most soldiers, I’d say about 80% of the ones I know here in Iraq, pay $110-$150 a month and it is still not worth at all…at all! I have created a group on Facebook against these Internet providers (Sniperhill and TigrisNet) If you have FB you should join my group lol. The name of the group is…. Screw Snipper Hill and Tigris net, The Worst internet providers EVER!

  7. Army says


    Thanks for your comment. The prices in the article are not wrong. These prices were based on facts from my son. It was what he paid in Afghanistan and another soldier gave me information about what he paid in Iraq. The prices are different from location to location. And for the $60 a month my son paid, he was able to use skype most of the time to talk to those back home.

    Regardless, I agree, it’s all way too high! I’ll check out your group.

  8. Amy says

    What is the name of an internet provider in Afghanistan? So confused! My son is there.

  9. arlene petty says

    I think is sure be FREE internet.. it’s so son just left .. his first deploymen:(

  10. rent pagan says

    If it wasn’t for Skype or text messaging I don’t know what I would do. That is the only way to keep in touch with my husband in afghanistan.all soldiers should have free access to communicating with their loved ones .We need to get them back home where they belong


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