Love Packages

Poem by C. G.

As I open the door and step inside,
I glance up, and see her smile wide.
She knows who I am and why I am there,
And whose name is on the package I bear.
For I’ve been there many times before –
To that postal counter at the back of the store.

The transaction is simple, just normal routine,
As I place the box on her weighing machine.
She checks the scale and stamps my form;
I pay, say goodbye, and go back out the door.
My thoughts drift to him, I try to be strong,
As I get in my car, and head back home.

For the package I sent, just like the others,
Is full of love – to a son from his mother.
He is a grown man, of that there is no doubt;
But a mother’s love just never runs out.
My prayers and these packages are all I can send
So I will pour myself into both til the end.

Until he is home with his family once more,
I will go to that counter at the back of the store.
And send love packages to my soldier faraway
In hopes that they somehow brighten his day.

May the Lord watch over you and protect you, my son!
I love you!

Many thanks to C. G. for this wonderful poem!

© C. G.

Protected by copyscape, do not copy


  1. says

    I am writing to ask permission to use some of Cynthia Gibbs poems. I am a Blue Star Mother chapter President and we attend many events with soldiers and family members. We have some poems that are free to the families or anyone that stops by and is touched by them. I was hoping to be granted permission to use a few of Cynthia’s for these events. There is a big event in our state tomorrow, Indiana Blue Star Salute, that we attend and we would be honored if we could share these wonderful poems with the military families and the community that will be there and our other events throughout the state that we participate in.
    Denise Young, Chapter President
    North Central Blue Star Mothers of Indiana, IN #5
    Kokomo, IN 46903-0572

  2. kathy says

    every time i get a package ready to send my son in afghanistan, i feel this way . You must be a military mom- i think we are the only ones that feel this deep in our hearts. Dad’s are different. He’s my baby boy although he’s 27. I pray daily for him and all the other soldiers safe return. God bless!!

  3. Ellen says

    I am a Mom of a new recruit but I have had many friends in harms way and have sent care packages to them. Somehow now, it is very different. I am so scared, proud, loving him so much. My son is awesome as all soldiers are. Thanks for this wonderful poem!

  4. misty says

    Thank you for this poem. I am a Postmaster and soon to be Proud Army Mom. My son leaves for basic in Feb. I have prepared packages for soldiers many times, and I host a Support Our Troops event at my PO each year, collecting items to send overseas to troops. I know I will soon be sending packages to my own son and though it makes me very proud, it is also very sad. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mj says

    i believe as military moms, our hearts beat as one! love this poem as we can all relate to each and every word spoken. thank you for sharing!

  6. says

    I remember sending those care packages to my son in Iraq in 2007. The hardest thing for a mother to do is watch her child go into harms way even though you feel the pride and the dread as you watch them board a plane to go half way around thr world.

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