We’re All in This Together

We are all in this togetherMy heart is heavy as I read messages from Mom’s of deployed soldiers, and I offer support, thoughts, and prayers. I get weepy eyed knowing that in just a few short weeks, that will be me on the other end. I will be the Mom of a deployed soldier, wondering every minute of every day if my boy is safe from the violence that is rampant in a place so far away. These thoughts paralyze me at times and tears flow like a fountain that I can’t turn off.

My son is stationed 2,500 miles away from me and we don’t yet know the exact date of his deployment. My mind endlessly plays out the scenario – what if we don’t get enough notice of his departure and I can’t get there in time to say goodbye and give him a hug that needs to last at least a year – maybe a lifetime? What will happen then?

Thankfully, I visited my son recently and we had such a nice visit. It was great to hang out with him and the family. He is such a good Dad to his young children and seeing them together just melted my heart. He is silly, funny, and smart. He is also knows how to shoot a gun, drop bombs from a helicopter, and fight for our freedom.

I am a proud Mother of a strong, brave soldier. Although he and his fellow service men and women are doing the really hard work, it’s hard for the Moms, spouses, and kids they leave behind.

We all need to support each other so our soldiers can go do their job without worrying about home. We need to look out for one another and catch each other when we fall.

Stay Strong. Army Mom Strong.
We are all in this together.


  1. Virginia Owens says

    To my Son-I remember when we were an Army of two-against the world,So many battles and so many scars.Oh but we won!Then you grew into an amazing young man leaving me to be an Army of one.I still battle.But with you as my hero,no matter how far,We will persevere,with our past,our respect protecting from a fall.Love you and Admire you -They call me Richards Mom

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