Wistful Goodbyes

Poem by C. G.

The time has come for them to go-
It just all seems a haze as they bid goodbye.
Where those last days went, I do not know;
And my thoughts wander as I heave a sigh-

Did I give enough hugs, did I give enough kisses,
To last until we once again meet?
Did I make enough memories, forget any wishes?
Tickle enough tummies, chins and feet?

Did we read enough books, go enough places,
To satisfy their unending curiosity?
Did we play enough games, see enough faces?
Will they remember these days spent with me?

Will they think of me often, as I think of them?
Does their love run as deep as mine?
Will they remember the laughs at every whim?
Know how much joy they shine?

Though we’ll be separated by many miles,
No distance will dim this love inside.
Forever in my memory I’ll hold those smiles,
And anxiously await til I open my arms wide

To welcome them back once again.
And breathe in their scent as I hold them close
I’ll laugh at their mischievous grin,
Their twinkling eyes and wrinkled up nose

Please, Lord, keep them safe and in Your care;
That You are my strength there’s no denial.
This separation is hard for me to bear,
But I know You will see me through this trial.

© C. G.

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